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Father Films Daughter's Boyfriend Cheating Her And Posts The Video Online

The father of a teenager had a rare moment filming her daughter's boyfriend's kissing another girl and then posted the video on social networks. 

The case happened in Mexico City, when the father of the young woman found the boy to betray his daughter and decided to record the moment to be able to have evidence of what he had seen. 

In the video you can see that when the camera approaches, the couple, who was in a mood of romance, gets in the way and moves away from each other. 

"Is this how you treat my daughter?" The man is heard, addressing the boy, who remains silent while the man filmed. The girl seems to be uncomfortable with the situation and leaves the place as soon as the man addresses her. 

In the end, it is possible to hear the young lady's father to warn the boy that he wants to see him well away from his daughter.

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