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Drives 300 Miles... Accidentally!

An 83-year-old grandmother worried her family and was alerted to police after she mistakenly drove for 300 miles to Scotland instead of six miles to her local hospital appointment.

Valerie Johnson was driving to Peopleton’s Royal Hospital in Worcester, just six miles from her home, when roadworks diverted her and she drove for eight hours.
She ended up in Larkhall, Scotland, when she ran out of fuel.

By that point her daughter, 49-year-old Karen Maskell, had called police, worried by her mother’s absence, and had to get a flight to Scotland to pick her up.

Ms Johnson had missed a turn-off near Worcester and had continued north on the M5 and M6 until she had crossed the border.

Her family reported her as missing on 5 May.

 The Scottish Daily Record reported that a couple looked after her while they waited for her daughter.
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