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Drinks Daughter Breast Milk Because Of Disease!!

Fred Whitelaw was diagnosed with cancer of the intestines for the first time in 2015. The tumors went into remission after treatment but in April of this year the Englishman, a native of Rugby, UK, received the devastating news that the disease had returned and Threatened his life. 

Now 64-year-old Fred has new help in fighting cancer: his daughter, Jill Turner, who gives her own breast milk. The 30-year-old read that breast milk could help fight cancer cells and wanted to help her father. 

Jill was Llewyn's mother in October and produces more milk than she needs to give to her son. "I was devastated when I discovered the diagnosis. I wanted to help you in any way possible and that's when I started giving you my milk, after reading an article about alternative uses of the substance," says Jill, adding that his father He hesitated when she offered him the alternative treatment. "

My husband had already used my milk to treat an eczema and I even used it to treat conjunctivitis in little Llewyn, but when I told my family about the effects of milk on the I thought I was kidding, but my father realized that he had nothing to lose. " Fred drinks his daughter's milk with coffee and potatoes but Jill is always careful to have more than enough for her son. 

"It's my first priority, of course, but I always get the most out of it, and it has an eight-day shelf life, so I keep it in the refrigerator with a tag and drinks it," she explains.
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