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Drinking Own Urine And Losing 50 Pounds!!

Dave Murphy, 54, has decided to start drinking his own urine during the past six years because he thinks it's the "cure of all evil." The man, from the UK, says he has lost 50 pounds and that since he started this diet he has never been sick. 

The man eats grapefruits daily, drinks his own urine, and eats potato chips three times a week, the Mirror says. 

The man claims that since starting these dietary restrictions, he has no asthma symptoms. Dave also uses urine to wash his face, arguing that it is an 'anti-aging' product.

"As a human being, we do not have to eat too much. Urine can help us reduce what we need to eat because it contains everything the body requires." Most people think it is a waste, but it's cleaner than water, "says Dave. 

A father of two, aged 25 and 21, Dave explains that once he has started to drink his own urine, he feels healthier and has saved on his grocery bills. "Besides, I do not need a lot of money to survive. With the urine I drink, I do not need to eat too much," says Dave.
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