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Cars and Trees Covered in a Layer of White Cobwebs

A moth invasion has turned a street into a set from a horror film, covering trees and cars in ghostly white cobwebs.

In scenes enough to make the most avid naturist's skin crawl, countless Ermine Moth caterpillars have descended on one unfortunate Cardiff street.

The bugs have draped cars, trees and people's homes in their protective webs - leaving some residents 'freaked out'.

Terrina Leech, whose parents live in Llanishen, said: 'It's affecting people's cars and my mum has a disability and they are all over the handrail and she is not able to hold it.

'There is a car that is completely white. My children are petrified when they come to see my mum and dad,' added Terrina.

'To be honest I don't want the caterpillars to become moths because it will be like a swarm and we won't be able to leave the front door.

'They are on the trees, gates and bins. They are also in the back garden because they have travelled along electricity cables.'
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