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Spending 15K To Look Like DBZ Character!!

When we like a character a lot, the first attitude we have - usually - is to collect anything related to it. We put together images, key chains, various types of action figure, T-shirts and more a clutch of elements. In some more extreme cases, depending on the point of view, people usually portray their passion in tattoos, a kind of homage to that fictional being that somehow marked his life so much. 

However, some people are not happy to stop there. They want more, yearn for really becoming the character. This is the case of Julian Low, who is very much a fan of Trunks and Dragon Ball Z. Man's passion is such that he spent a good deal of dollars on plastic surgery to be identical to the character, it's like being a 24-hour cosplay per day. According to Jullian, when turning into Trunks he feels more powerful, charismatic and motivated in animating other people.

Low reveals that the courage in making this decision came from having suffered a lot as a child, a time when he was constantly criticized by his physique. After dedicating his work, he invested $ 15,000 in hair treatments, surgeries, clothes and accessories, all to become Trunks. More than ever, she continues to attend conventions and events, but now, on a new face. 

What do you think about this transformation? Did it look alike or not? Would they have the same courage as Julian Low had? Do you know anyone who would be able to follow the same path? Review your impressions with us.
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