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Plane Attack to Escape Vacation With Lover!!

An Indian tourist agent was detained after he had left the authorities on alert with a false terrorist attack on an Indian airline plane. It had all been invented by the man from Hiderabad who wanted to use the alleged attack as an excuse to escape a holiday with his lover. 

Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna, who is married, had promised his mistress, whom he met online, that the two would travel to Bombay and Goa. However, the Indian had no money to pay for airline tickets. As pride spoke louder, Motaparthi decided to send a fake note to her lover and then set his plan in motion. He posed as a woman who had heard six men planning to hijack planes in the cities of Hiderabad, Chennai and Bombay the next day, sending an email to Bombay police with all the information.

The travel agent hoped that the flight, for which he had falsified the ticket for his mistress, would be canceled. Police took the email sent by Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna very seriously and began investigating the origin of the information. Bombay airport has seen its safety reinforced as a result of the false email sent by the Indian. Soon the authorities reached the IP used to send the email, which belonged to an Internet cafe in Hiderabad. 

The surveillance cameras showed that it had been by Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna to enter the space and send the email. The Indian was arrested and during the interrogation he confessed to the crimes. He is accused of obstructing justice, providing false information and falsifying identity.
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