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Pidgeon On The Face At Ferrari's Roller Coaster!!

A man was hit by a pigeon as he took a ride on Europe's fastest and tallest roller coaster at the newly opened Ferrari Land in Salou, Spain. 

In the pictures one sees the man with the arms stretched and of open mouth when it is struck in the face by a foreign body. For a few seconds he tries to realize what has happened until he notices a bird on his shoulder. 

In shock the man takes the bird and comments with the colleague what happened. The two seem confused, but seconds later they enjoy the trip again. 

In the video it is seen that the man has blood on the cheek after the clash, but it is not known if he was injured or if it is of the animal that seems to have not survived. 

This attraction of Ferrari Landchega is called Red Force, is 112 meters high and takes only five seconds at 180 kilometers per hour.

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