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Paola Failed His Goal!!

After three months of her controversial oral sex tour, Paola Saulino, 27, said she performed the act on 700 men. The Italian actress and model did not reach the goal of 1000 men she had promised, since she says she had problems organizing the event, which wanted to 'reward' the men who voted 'no' to the constitutional referendum in Italy. 

Paola confesses that her "mission of love" was "very tiring" and even complained of severe jaw pain, after having toured more than 20 Italian towns to thank the men who voted 'no' to the referendum.

The controversial young woman, who claims to be a "woman of the word," was disillusioned that she had failed to reach the goal she had committed to, but she was "proud" of the feat. 

"I could do a lot more if someone helped me." I did oral sex with 700 men, my idea was to do b ******, not to organize everything, it's very difficult to deal with all the details. ***, not organization of events, "Paola shoots in an interview with the Daily Star.
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