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Model With Largest Breats In Europe is Under Fire!!

Martina Big is a model in Germany and has thousands of followers in social networks. The young woman, who says she is 28 years old, underwent several plastic surgeries and says she has the largest breasts in Europe, size 32 S. 

Now, Martina is causing great controversy after having undergone an experimental procedure to stay with a darker skin. The German model admits that she was already "a solarium addict" and that she always dreamed "of having brown skin". 

Therefore, Martina was injected three times with a solution that stimulates the production of melanin in the body. The result took little more than two months to be liveable. "I did not expect it to work out so well, I was really dark, but I want to take it to the extreme, I want to get darker and darker skin and see the limits," I love the contrast of my blond hair with brown skin. Says Martina Big. 

Immediately after showing the results on social networks, Martina was accused of being "racist", "crazy" and "sick", but the model rejects criticism. "I love watching people's reactions, they pass me by and they look wide-eyed to think, 'How is this possible?' Even my fans criticized me, but that's only because they are not open-minded and have never seen a girl Caucasian to change the tone of skin to that of an African girl, "says the German.

Martina can increase breasts whenever she wants, since implants can be injected with serum. The model wants to even increase her ass soon. 

Martina Big has already spent more than 65 thousand euros on aesthetic surgeries.
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