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Mc Donald's Sauce Sold For Almost 15K Dollars!!

A British citizen found a package of limited-edition McDonald's sauce in an old car, earning $ 14,700 by selling it on eBay. 

The man had just bought an old car and was cleaning the vehicle when he found the sauce package with more than 20 years. The product belonged to a limited edition launched by the fast food restaurant, in 1998, as part of a promotional campaign of the premiere of the film "Mulan" of Disney. 

The British citizen have decided to sell the package after seeing a reference to the famous sauces in a well-known American animation series. 

"After seeing an 'Rick and Morty' episode, I went online to see if the sauce was worth anything. It turns out it was worth it," the man explained. After being auctioned on eBay, the sauce will have had 187 offers. It ended up being sold to a collector for almost $ 15,000 (about 14,000 euros).
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