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Irish Authorities Filmed Having Sex Inside the Patrol Car!!

One Garda (An Garda Siochana, an Irish police force) and the Irish Defense Forces are at the center of a sex scandal following the release of videos in which uniformed officers and soldiers have sex with a woman in a patrol car. 

The first video shows a woman inside the car with two soldiers from the Defense Forces. The three of them have sex while the woman laughs at the camera. The face of one of the soldiers is visible. He smiles and nods to the camera. The images were posted on a pornographic content site and then made headlines in Irish newspapers. 

Soon after the scandal came the second video. The same woman holds one of the newspapers that reported the case. An agent in the Garda's jacket handcuffs her and leans her to the car.

The woman gives her oral sex, before going up to the bonnet of the patrol car, where the two have sex. The Irish Garda logo is seen several times: in the policeman's uniform and in the car. 

The woman speaks with an English accent and says to call herself Carla in the video. The Irish Sun was able to find her and she confirmed that she appeared in the video, but declined to say the names of the agents she was involved with. "Yes, it's me, I can't comment or talk about the case, but it's me in both videos," she added, adding that she is not a prostitute and that she did not release the videos. 

The Irish Garda told The Sun that he knew about the videos recently and that he "refuses to comment on the case". The Defense Forces also declined to comment.
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