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Growing Hand On Leg!!

A Chinese man, who had been left without his right hand in an accident at the factory where he works, was able to sew his hand to his wrist after he had been stapled to his leg. 

Gao, his name, lost his limb last summer after a factory machine had crushed and plucked. The man was taken to Renci Hospital in Xuzhou, where surgeons stopped bleeding on the wrist.

However, since the hand could not yet be sewn to the wrist, since the muscle tissues were badly damaged, the limb was grafted to his left leg, underneath the twin. 

The hand remained in the leg for over a month, until the wrist tissues recovered so that it was possible to sew the limb in place. Even so, Gao has lived, so far, with a large and prominent metallic device on his arm. 

The metal object has been keeping the bones and tendons in place since it was operated on seven months ago. This week, Dr. Hu Junsheng removed the device. 

The hospital will continue to monitor the miracle, hoping that the man will be able to return to a normal life in the near future.

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