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Gordon Ramsay's Prank!!

Invited to take on the role of host of this week's "talk show" The Nightly Show, Gordon Ramsay took the opportunity to preach a match to the audience and his guest, comedian Frank Skinner. 

The chef was demonstrating how to make a smoothie and when he tried to use the blender it did not work. Quickly came a production member trying to solve the problem. 

Ramsay, who put his hand inside the machine to help, told the assistant to wait before calling her, but he did not hear the call in time, and suddenly the presenter was dropped on the studio floor and bleeding violently . 

The audience gasped. Ramsay's guest too. 

And this, lying on the floor, let out words and sounds of agony. What was not the astonishment of all those present when, suddenly, the "chef" rises from the ground and says: "I caught you!".

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