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Getting Married With Own Doll!!

Although the marriage did not have legal value, nothing was lacking in the ceremony, which was entitled to a banquet and as guests, as well as the mother of the groom, some friends and colleagues of the engineering university, EFE news agency reported Monday. 

And in order not to run away from tradition, the bride wore a red veil typical of Eastern culture.

Tired of being single and the pressure of the family to get a girlfriend, the engineer,Zheng Jiajia, decided to create one to his liking. That was how, in 2016, "was born" Yingying. Yingying is able to play phrases from audio files stored on computer and also can recognize photos and objects. The next step is for the robot to be able to walk. 

According to the Spanish agency, Zheng Jiajia worked for several years in the Huawei technology multinational and opened his own company in 2014.
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