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Father-of-Two is Now a Woman

A gas engineer described as a 'typical bloke' is living as a woman after eight years of marriage and two daughters.

James Cohen, 35, from Leeds, who is father to Seren, eight, and six-year-old Ellie, told wife Eirian, also 35, that she wanted to become a woman four months ago, and is now living as Kara and taking hormones to kick start her transition.

 Eirian, who eloped to Jamaica with James in 2009, said her football fan husband was always a 'man's man' and a 'typical bloke', but admits she knew there was 'something she wasn't admitting'.

Though their relationship is no longer sexual the Cohens still share a bed as 'best friends', and Eirian says their daughters love Kara 'so much more as a girl'.

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