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Collector Founds Treasure Inside a Tank!!

A man found gold bars inside a tank used in the Gulf War by the Iraqi army. The "treasure" was valued at more than 2.5 million dollars (about 2.4 million euros). 

Nick Mead, a 50-year-old British collector, bought the tank on eBay for $ 37,000. It sought to increase the collection that has been dedicated in the United Kingdom, with more than 150 military pieces.

According to "The Sun," gold was found in the vehicle's fuel tank after it was dismantled by a mechanic to ensure there was no traces of explosive material inside. 

The collector confessed that at the time he did not know what to do with gold: "We could not go to a pawnshop with five gold bars." The guy eventually called the police and handed the gold. 

The "treasure" was confiscated and sent to London.
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