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Brings Drug To The Court!!

Lemar Reed, a 39-year-old American, was in court on a traffic violation, but his life ended up getting a bit more complicated after he dropped a sack of cocaine in front of the judge. 

The process was simple. After being fined for a traffic violation, Lemar Reed appeared in court last week to find out what his penalty would be. But when he got up to speak to the judge, from inside the hat he held in his hand a small bag of drugs fell.

At the moment no one in the room realized what had happened and the sack ended up lying on the traffic court floor for about an hour, until a security guard saw something on the floor. Tested the contents, it was perceived that it was cocaine, but it lacked to know to whom it belonged. 

To bad luck of Lemar Reed, the session was totally recorded and in the images it is easy to perceive what happened. On Fox television, Judge Mihok stated that he had never seen this. 

 "He was here because of a fine, he was able to turn a traffic violation into a crime. It was not a good day for him," said the judge who issued an arrest warrant on behalf of the suspect.
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