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Asking For Divorce Because She Doesn't Have a Vagina!!

It is another controversial case exposed by the Spanish program 'Caso Cerrado' and that is creating a wave of revolt around the world: a man discovered that the woman does not have a vagina and wants to divorce. 

Alejandro began by saying that the real reason to want to separate from Tânia was the fact that she has an extramarital affair with her own stepmother. Outraged, the man recalled what would be his wedding night with his wife when he picked up Tania with his father's wife in the middle of a sexual act. 

The man, who decided to expose his story to the television program with the intention of recovering the apartment he bought with his wife shortly before they were married, was confronted by Tania, who accused him of not being the main reason Of wanting to divorce.

"The real reason he wants to part with me is because I do not have a vagina, I'm not like other women, I was born with Rokitansky's syndrome, which means I do not have a vaginal cavity or vagina," he confessed. Tania, excited. Also known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser's syndrome, this is a condition that affects one in every 5,000 women. Although they are born with ovaries and produce female hormones, these women do not have menstruation, so they can not get pregnant. 

The revelation shocked the audience of the show, especially hostess Ana María, who accused the man of being offensive and prejudiced towards people suffering from the rare condition. The official video of the show on the Internet already has more than one million views. The netizens, like the host of the program, are angry with Alejandro and his prejudice towards his wife.

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