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1500 Toilet Paper Rolls Gone!

China is currently in the middle of a nationwide "toilet revolution" aimed at improving the quality and quantity of the country's infamously abysmal public toilets, but so far that revolution isn't going quite as smoothly as officials had hoped.

 Over 1,500 rolls of toilet paper were snatched up in one week at Chengdu's People's Park after the city launched its own campaign in the "toilet revolution" earlier this month, providing free toilet paper and soap at public bathrooms in scenic areas around the city.

That number far exceeded expectations. It appears as though visitors are taking advantage of Chengdu's generosity by grabbing up as much of the precious paper as they can carry.

A cleaner at the park told the Chengdu Business Daily that she had spotted numerous people walking out of the public bathrooms with their pockets stuffed full of toilet paper.

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