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The Most Famous Bust On The Internet Right Now!!

As soon as it was revealed, Ronaldo's bust ran the entire world. Being a work of art, there is open discussion, divergence of opinions, but negative criticism and mocking stand out from the foam of the day when Madeira airport was renamed Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The author of the bust, Emanuel Santos, says he did the work "in about 15 days" and "on his own initiative", after realizing that the airport, among controversies, would even be renamed Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The project, which was widely criticized for an apparent lack of scrutiny, "was presented to the airport's management, almost mid-term, who said to continue with the work, since it was within what they intended to do, in honor", said Emanuel Santos.

"I decided to do a project and present it to the airport's management," said Emanuel Santos. "So I put my hands to work and went directly to the direction of the airport, which told me to go ahead with work," he added.
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