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Man Found Inside Python!!

The body of a missing man in Indonesia was found inside a python snake. The 25-year-old man, Akabar, disappeared last Sunday and during the search the authorities admitted finding a snake that could have swallowed the young man, the BBC explains. 

The reticulated python, which will be about seven meters long, was opened and the body of the disappeared was found. This species is among the longest reptiles in the world, capable of suffocating the victims before swallowing them whole. However, pythons rarely kill and eat humans, although there are sporadic cases of swallowing children or small animals.

An Indonesian police spokeswoman on the island of Celebes, where the disappearance was reported, told the BBC that the young man found inside the python was missing for 24 hours, and the agents found the snake next to a plantation belonging to the man's family . "The people saw a python that did not move," he explained, becoming suspicious that the snake could have swallowed Akbar and then gave the alert to the authorities, who came to confirm the death of the young man.
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