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Little Girl With Rare Disease!!

Shalini Yadav is known as the "snake girl" in the village where she lives. He says he wants to live, but mother says that "death is better than a miserable life" Pluck your skin every six weeks. 

Pass the body by water every hour. And you should put moisturizer every three to four hours. However, the family of Shalini Yadav had to choose between creams and feed a family of eight people. Food for all was the choice.  

The 16-year-old woman from a small village in India, who was supposed to moisturize her skin so it would not stiffen due to a rare disease doctors called Erythroderma, has to tear and "renew" Your own skin every six weeks. She has had the disease since she was a baby. Known as the "snake girl," Shalini was expelled from school because "children are afraid," says Metro. 

Also known as Red Man Syndrome, it is a disease that doctors can not cure. The case has already been the subject of several reports, from media from every corner of the planet.

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