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Ex Pornstar Owns a Church!!

Crystal Bassette, well-known name of the pornographic industry in North America, took a life of excesses. He spent the annual salary of nearly 300 thousand euros on parties, alcohol, clothing and sports cars. 

After participating in more than 100 pornographic films, the American decided to change her life and today she has her own church, where she is a pastor. 

Crystal, 33, a Clay native in New York, was a mother at age 16. With the baby son, Justin, in his arms, the woman wanted to give the best possible life to the child. She began to work as a dancer, but the orderly did not arrive. 

She was approached by an agent of pornographic actors, who assured her that she could make a fortune. However, he quickly realized that money was not everything.

"I remember that after the first scene I recorded I went to take a shower and I spent two hours in the shower crying. I only went back to another scene a month later. 

It gradually became a normal job, from 09:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I left my son in school and was going to make pornographic movies, "says Crystal to The Sun. With plenty of job offers and earning almost 300,000 euros a year, Crystal quickly spiraled downward. He began by investing in a mansion. Then in luxury cars. Soon afterwards he began to spend a fortune on clothes, alcohol and parties. 

In May 2014 she suffered a road accident and, on her sister's advice, decided to visit a local church. It was there that she was "saved" by the pastor and her current husband, David. "I felt that God was speaking directly to me and wanted to change," reveals the former porn actress.

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