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Cuts Boyfriend's Penis And Then Runs Away With It!!

A 20-year-old woman was arrested after cutting her boyfriend's penis with a scythe in Naugawan Darshan Dingh, India, after promising her a sexual encounter. 

The young woman had discovered that the companion was going to marry another woman and decided to take revenge. After the crime, she ran down the street with her sexual organ in hand, before being intercepted by the Indian authorities. 

The young woman enticed her boyfriend to a sexual encounter. He seduced him, undressed him, and blindfolded him. When the 23-year-old man was least expecting her, she pulled out a scythe and cut off her genitals, then fled.

The Indian's parents found him in agony and took him to the hospital. He told the doctors that he had committed the act himself, trying to protect her, but the authorities decided to investigate the case and quickly found the culprit. 

The severed penis and sickle used in the crime were collected as evidence. Doctors say there is "very little chance of saving the sex organ" of the victim. The woman is charged with attempted murder and awaits trial. 

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