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Attack Man With Catana After Promising Sex With Concrete Mixer!!

Craig Dalton (image below), 33, and Matthew Harrison, 23, of Renfrew, Scotland, were sentenced to 13 years' imprisonment after a man who had been promised a sexual encounter involving a prostitute and a concrete mixer. 

John Steven (image below), 38, was lured by one of the criminals to the apartment where one of his men lived. They promised him a "depraved sex session, with a prostitute and a concrete mixer." 

The three had a sexual encounter involving a sex worker, Sharon Kerr, but when it was time to pay the woman, the three men disagreed. Dalton and Harrison attacked the friend with a machete and a knife, inflicting various blows on his face and body. 

John Steven was found in critical condition. He underwent a series of reconstructive surgeries but is still permanently disfigured and lost some of the mobility in his arms. 

The two Scots were now sentenced in court. Dalton was sentenced to seven years and two months in prison while Harrison was sentenced to six. The prostitute, Sharon Kerr, 34, will serve 32 months of community service for failing to alert the authorities shortly after the violent attack.

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