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99-year-old Woman Happy For Being Arrested!!

All most people can hope for is to live a long, happy and healthy life.

But as you get older, it's inevitable to have regrets or dreams you don't think you'll ever accomplish. It's usually going on holiday to somewhere in particular or seeing your grandchildren walk down the aisle - but for one woman, her final wish was to be arrested.

 And police were only too happy to oblige.

The Dutch cops, based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, posted sweet photographs of the woman sitting in a jail cell on their Facebook page.

In the snaps, she's positively beaming as she shows the camera the handcuffs around her wrists.

The police officers then posted the photographs on their Facebook page, where her antics quickly went viral and won over hundreds of people praising the department for helping her.

Claudia Ruesga commented: "What a great Police Department! You helped accomplish a part of her bucket list."
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