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$752 on Uber Service by Mistake!

A LONDON man hoping to quickly travel 13km home ended up making a five-hour journey when he fell asleep and his Uber driver took him to another city.

The man was hoping to travel from Croydon to Brixton, south of London, which should have only taken half an hour. Instead, he was driven to Bristol in south west England, approximately 225km away, and was charged $752 (£467).

In a journey which should cost about $32 (£20), Aaron Wray was in an Uber for five hours and 21 minutes after falling asleep, The Sun reports.

Mr Wray, 18, fell asleep and woke as he was heading back to London on the M4.

“My phone was dead so I just had to sit there,” he said. “I tried to ask the driver but he couldn’t really speak English. I have no memory of it stopping and I didn’t get out of the car.”

He went on a round trip of 420km in a journey which should only be just under 13km — and he insists he didn’t enter the wrong address into the app.

“Woke up and was like 2hrs and 30 mins to get home,” he wrote.

So Grace asked: “So were you actually in the uber when it went to Bristol?” Aaron confirmed: “Yeah. I was in it for 5hrs and 21 minutes.”

The driver, known only as Abdi, only received a rating of one star for the trip. “His mum threw an absolute wobbly,” said Mr Wray’s dad Aston, 45, a computer consultant.

“She’s always telling him not to use Uber.”

Uber only agreed to reimburse Aaron after being contacted by The Sun. “This was clearly an unfortunate mistake so as a gesture of goodwill we would like to offer the rider a refund,” a spokesman said.
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