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3 Weeks Hatching Eggs!!

The French artist Abraham Poincheval prepares to spend three weeks in an "aquarium" glazed to ... hatch eggs. The performance has been taking place since yesterday at the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum in Paris. 

"I'm going to turn myself into a chicken," said Poincheval, quoted by the BBC as saying that this experience should last between 21 to 26 days. The idea is to bump the eggs, which are in a small container under the chair where the performer will remain seated (it is expected to rise only half an hour a day).

The 44-year-old French artist has stood out for some performances that may be considered unusual but are explained by himself as a way of exploring different concepts of time for different species and natural objects. 

About a month ago, Poincheval spent a week closed (literally) on a twelve-ton rock - cut in half and carved into the shape of his body so that the French artist could remain seated and closed again. Poincheval has also spent 13 days inside the sculpture of a bear at the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris, feeding on worms to imitate the animal's diet.

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