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They Arrested "Hitler"!!

A 25-year-old man was detained Monday by authorities in the town of Ried in Innkreis, Austria, for walking down the street dressed as Adolf Hitler. 

Austrian authorities were warned over the weekend by several people who saw a man dressed and combed like Hitler in Braunau, the city where the Nazi dictator was born.

A spokeswoman for the Upper Austria police said the arrest was carried out normally, without the man offering any resistance. Accused of apology to Nazism, he was transferred to the penitentiary of Ried. 

The diary "Ober√∂sterreichischen Nachrichten" wrote that the man had been seen in a local bookstore leafing through World War II magazines. 

In a bar, where he was photographed with some young people, he said that his name was Harald Hitler.
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