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One Hundred Euros For Women With No Husband and No Panties!!

The municipality of Barcelona is preparing a legal action against a nightclub that offered "no husband" women a reward of 100 euros, entrance ticket and a drink if they enter the place "without underwear." 

In addition to the state, Laura Perez, the counselor of the Feminismos and LGTB group, reacted to this initiative in the social network Twitter, classifying it as "obscene machismo" and "shame of others", adding: "Women are not merchandise. cool!".

The male disco striptease Bailódromo Caña Dulce, in the center of Barcelona, ​​advertises in a leaflet this offer, trying to attract women "without underwear" with the photo of men in a trunk in which appear over a group of women in bikinis, according to Spanish news agency Efe. 

The offer, it adds, is valid for every Saturday in February, and organizers also add birthday cake and champagne in case of birthday.
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