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Eviscerate Ex-Husband After 4 Hours of Sex!!

Dalya Saeed, 35 yo, is on trial in Birmingham, UK, for allegedly attacking her ex-husband with a knife and attempting to eviscerate the man. The woman and her ex-husband, Bilal Miah, 31, had a discussion about their daughter's custody and ended up having sex for four hours. In the end, Dalya attacked the ex-companion with a knife and tore part of his gut, throwing it to the floor of the room. 

In court, the man told in detail the scene worthy of a horror film. In panic and bleeding profusely, he tried to return to the innards in the area of ​​the abdomen.

"My intestines were out, it was all out, and she grabbed them and pulled them in. She cut some and threw it to the floor, but I got them in the belly," said Bilal Miah, who tried to escape from the apartment. He was pursued by the woman, who attacked him still in the street with a stick and a cleaver. 

It was a neighbor who heard the man's cry for help and helped him. At the trial, the defendant claims that while she was in the marriage, she was often a victim of domestic violence. 

It also says that, on the day of the crimes, the four hours of sex were not consensual and therefore violated. Both are at risk of being deported for having illegally immigrated to the United Kingdom from Iraq.
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