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Euromillionaire Is About To Sue The Responsibles For Giving Her 100k Pounds!!

Jane Park was only 17 years old when she became the youngest person ever to win the Euromillions prize in the UK. It was the first time the girl, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, was betting on the prize and won more than a million euros in prize money. 

However the young woman claims that the money "ruined her life" and wants to sue the organizer of the Euromillions in the UK, Camelot. The young Euromillionaire, now 21, believes that a 17-year-old should not be allowed to participate in the competition (in the United Kingdom it is possible for the bettor to be less than 18 years old). 

Jane complains that money has complicated her life. He says he's fed up with buying branded clothes and accessories, he suffers to find a boyfriend who is not hunting for his fortune and who misses going on holiday to Benidorm and Magaluf in Spain because he does not like to go to luxury resorts Elsewhere in the world. 

Jane spoke to the Sunday People magazine, at a time when she began to be tried for drunken driving, and confesses that the "stress of being a millionaire is a very heavy burden." "I have material goods, but besides that, my life is empty, what is my goal?" "I think only adults over 18 should play." The current minimum age of 16 is very low, "says Jane Park.

When she won Euromillions, Jane worked at a convenience store. He could not toast with champagne when he got the news, because he was not yet old enough to drink. "My grandmother told me, 'You'd better give me a gun.' At the time I told her it was the best thing in the world, but now I agree with her," Jane says. 

Camelot ensures that a counselor has been appointed to Jane when she has won the prize and that the minimum age for playing is a matter on which the English Parliament decides. 

The Scottish woman, who lives with her mother and three siblings, says she also misses true love. "I had a relationship of 18 months, I offered him everything I could, to make him happy, Clocks, a car, new clothes every week, I regret so much," concludes the young woman.
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