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Dying 27 Times in Less Than 24 Hours!!

Ray Woodhall is now the star of Worcestershire Royal Hospital, whose medical team has been able to save him from what appeared to be a certain death, he suffered a heart attack after a soccer game and, already in hospital, suffered 26 more cardiac arrest. All in 24 hours.

Residing in Wednesbury, West Midlands, England, Ray suffered the attacks last December and finds himself recovering in a history of overcoming crowded pages in the British press this week. 

Father of three, Ray was baptized as "miracle father." Faced with an unusual succession of heart attacks, the hospital even prevented the family from either Ray's death or a survival with brain sequelae. 

But Ray came back to life, without serious consequences, thanks to his team of "life saviors," as he called them.

One of the nurses even apologized for having been doing cardiac maneuvers for so long, hurting her chest. Another confessed that, until today, she had only seen one case of a man who had had seven consecutive heart attacks.

Full recovery is still far away, but for Ray, it seems the worst is over.

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