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Arrested For Molesting a Mare!!

Julian Mark Ridgeway, 54, has been sentenced to a minimum of four years in prison for sexual offenses and zoophilia, after being caught having sex with a mare in a stable near his home by the owner of the animal, according to news British newspaper The Mirror. 

The case took place in Wakefield, a town in England, and dates back to May last year, when the owners of Honey detected abnormal behavior in the 13-year-old animal. 

Alarmed, the couple began to pay attention to every move in their stable. It was then that the owners claimed to have caught Julian with the mare, naked from the waist down and in a compromising position. 

Immediately, the mare was examined by a veterinarian who detected traces of the suspect's DNA in the animal's body. 

In court, Julian denied any sexual contact with the mare.
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