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Almost Blind Over Cosmetic!!

A 16-year-old girl almost went blind at the end of last month after a terrible reaction to eyebrow tincture. Tylah Jae Durie of Victoria (Australia) suffered burns and swelling of the eyes that blocked all eyesight. 

The eyes began to undermine pus. If she had not rushed to the ER, she was at great risk of losing her sight. "I woke up practically blind because of the reaction, my eyes had burst like big balloons, I cried and screamed," Tylah reported, according to "Metro."

The doctors who attended Tylah commented that the patient was very lucky not to have gone blind. It was identified that the young woman had a reaction to the substance paraphenylenediamine, present in the cosmetic formula. 

They warned that a test should always be done before using a cosmetic. Preventive measure that the teenager did not take.

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