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130 Widowed Women in One Second!!

Mohammed Bello Abubakar, a famous Muslim preacher in Nigeria, where it is natural to have a polygamous way of life, died last Saturday. The man leaves 130 widowed women - some of them pregnant with new offspring - and 203 children, according to the Daily Trust. 

Abubakar died after a "fast illness," local news agencies write, without ever specifying what health problem the healer had.

"Baba [name by which he was known in the community] told us that his time was over. He told me personally that he had completed his divine task and was ready to meet the Creator," said his personal assistant to the News Agency of Nigeria. 

He became famous in 2008 when he had 86 women and 170 children. The ideal that a man could have "as many women as he could accommodate" was his interpretation of the Koran that earned him strong criticism from the community. 
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