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This Selfie is Taking Over the Internet!!

Alyssa Bordelon lives in New Orleans, the United States, and often uses Twitter to post photos and leave messages to her followers. The last selfie you posted to your account generated a great discussion on this social network ... And not for the best reasons, look again.

It is that the users ignored the dress chosen by Alyssa, the hairstyle and the makeup, focusing only on the confusion that was behind him, even finding marshmallows!!

Alyssa took advantage of the situation to enjoy with episode, creating an account in the platform GoFundMe, asking the people to raise funds so that it could clean its room. 

 "Many of you have been concerned about the condition of my apartment. I understand you. However, being adult and having all the obligations of an adult person makes it sometimes difficult to find time to devote ourselves to things that do not need so much attention, "he wrote on the platform. 

Incredibly, Alyssa has already raised $ 65.
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