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They Regret Everything!!

Anna and Lucy DeCinque known in Australia and around the world, with a strong presence on social networks because of this, if you don't remember, check it out.

In resume, the two Australian twin sisters are known for the innumerable aesthetic surgeries they underwent to be even more similar to each other, but they jumped into the mouths of the world after announcing that they were going to marry the same man. 

Now that they are already married to Byrne and only think about the wedding, Anna and Lucy admit that they are sorry for all the aesthetic surgeries they have done.

"We regretted everything. When we did, we thought it was beautiful, but now we think the result is ugly, we want a more natural and healthy look," said the twins, who spent close to 175,000 euros to be identical. 

The DeCinque sisters did, among other procedures, silicone breast implants, lip filling, eyebrow tattooing and eyelash implants. The twins met their future husband on Facebook five years ago and intend to get married in Tucson, Arizona, where the marriage is authorized. 

Anna and Lucy reveal that they have sex with the fiancé at the same time. "We always have both wills at the same time. He is a lucky man, but he has to have twice the energy, to have twice the love and attention," the two girls play.
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