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The Room With the Best Acoustic in the World!!

The construction took almost 10 years and cost more 712 million euros than expected but here it is! 

It was inaugurated yesterday, the Elba Philharmonic in Hamburg, Germany, after nine and a half years of construction. The building, which is already regarded as a symbol of Hamburg, combines a historic warehouse and a glass structure. 

The two elements are connected by 362 spring assemblies, creating the illusion that the glass structure is floating in the air. The concert hall of the building has been built to completely muffle the port area and is far from the rest of the building. Responsible for acoustics was the Japanese Yasuhisa Toyota, a specialist in the field, according to Deutsche Welle, and inside, the sound reaches 2150 seats in the same way.

The building, by the river Elbe, was ready on October 31, 2016 but the opening concert was scheduled for Wednesday, yesterday. 

The works began in 2007 and the initial plan showed that they would be completed in 2010. The initial budget was 77 million euros and, in the end, the building cost the state coffers 789 million euros.
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