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The Naturist Cleaners!

An English company is hiring maids willing to clean houses completely naked. Naturist Cleaners (Naturist Cleaners in a literal translation) is headquartered in London and sells naturist cleaning services. 

"We are looking for naturist women to clean private homes. The job is to do all the normal cleaning, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, washing and ironing, and cleaning windows," the company said. on Facebook.

Anyone can apply for the service provided that he pays 75 euros (65 pounds) for the first hour of work and 63.5 euros (55 pounds) for each hour thereafter. 

There is no distinction on who can sign up for work since the company stresses that women are welcome "no matter what age or figure". 

Candidates have to submit a "naked or bikini" photo to apply, but they have the option of hiding their face. 

Naturist Cleaners expressly prohibits the capture of videos and photographs during cleaning, as well as physical contact with employees.
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