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Sexual Relations With Strangers Are a Ritual in Java!!

Gunung Kamukus is a mountain located in Java, the main island of Indonesia, which receives, every 35 days, Muslims from all over the country to participate in a ritual. 

According to the BBC, the practice involves adultery in exchange for good luck. Thus, as night falls, the pilgrims light candles and sit on the huge fig-tree roots. 

It is estimated that the remains of a legendary prince with his mistress are stored there and that the young prince, Pangeran Samodro, fled with the queen Nyai Ontrowulan, who was his stepmother and lover. The two of them will have been hiding on that mountain until the day they were caught up in having sex. These were assassinated and buried in the summit of the mountain Gunung Kemukus.

Thus, pilgrims believe that if adultery is committed on that mountain, they will be blessed with luck, says Seoparno, a social psychologist who studied the ritual for 30 years.

The BBC advances that the ritual is initiated with prayers and offerings of flowers to the tomb of the prince and his lover. At some point, pilgrims are required to bathe in the nearby streams before having sex with an unknown person. 

The sexual relationship has to be made with someone who is neither wife nor husband and has to happen for 35 days, seven times in a row. 

If for some reason these seven times are not fulfilled, the ritual begins again. The ritual nights can have as many as eight thousand pilgrims. This ritual is already seen as a valuable business, with locations starting to charge for every vehicle entering the area and the local government to charge fees to both pilgrims and restaurant and hotel owners.
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