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Receiving 50k Just For Check In And Out!!

For 10 years, Carles Recio has performed the same ritual. Go to work at 7:30, do the check in and leave. Then return between 15:30 and 16:00 to "leave work". 

But the officials of the General Archive and Photographic of Valencia never saw him there. It is a person with a managerial position and who receives about 50 thousand euros per year, the newspaper El Mundo today. 

According to the same source, this official was named head of the Unit of Bibliographic Performance on March 7, 2006 by the then president of the region of Valencia, Fernando Giner. Never had a desk or computer, or even a task.

Among the functions entrusted to it are the supervision of bibliographic funds, the supervision of exhibitions and publications, or the promotion of the relationship with archives and libraries in the region, says El Mundo. 

Carles Recio's name does not even appear on the official Archive website, where all other employees are listed.
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