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Namibia Fairy Circles!!?

Let's assume that we are flying over the Namib Desert, which stretches between Namibia and Angola. For long kilometers, you can see circles drawn with vegetation around and a void in the center. 

The author of these forms in the wilderness has been a mystery over the years. It is so indefinite that these circles are known as "fairy circles", as if they had been made by these imaginary beings of the European popular traditions. 
Now the suspects are others. 

This Thursday, in the journal Nature appeared another suspect. A study coordinated by Corina Tarnita of Princeton University in New Jersey in the United States concludes that the formation of these circles is due to ecological mechanisms with a self-organization such as underground ecosystems and competition between plants.

This "Fairy circles" are authentic oases in the desert. They are hexagonal and very wide. Its diameter can go from two to 35 meters, and in some cases reach even 40 meters. The largest are in Angola, but they can also exist in deserts in Namibia, South Africa, Australia or even in Brazil. But let's focus on the circles in the Namib Desert; Are those that have been the target of the main studies.
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