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Fist Fight Erupts on Passengers Jet!!

A fistfight erupted on a packed London-bound flight after an air hostess was assaulted.

The Middle East Airlines flight from Beirut was forced to make an emergency landing in Istanbul Atatürk Airport on Wednesday after the argument broke out.

An elderly man, named only as Z A Sh, reportedly began shouting and swearing at his wife, before he punched a fellow passenger.

Cabin crew rushed to break up the fight, but the man "violently" shoved one of them away and punched another.

The young man seen in the video, with a beard and dark hair, then raced over to help the air hostesses.

The older man then clams down for a few minutes but lashes out at one of the air hostesses again as he walks towards the toilet - prompting the younger man to jump in again.

Cabin crew quickly grabbed both the men and pulled them apart as the air hostess screamed at the passenger who tried to punch her.

The plane’s captain then decided to make an emergency landing in Istanbul and the older man was dragged off the flight by four security guards.

An article from: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/fist-fight-erupts-passenger-jet-9614505
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