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Discovered a New Organ on the Human Body!!

The human body has gained a new organ. It is called the mesentery, connecting the intestines to the abdomen and was, so far, considered an "intra-abdominal membrane" of the digestive system. 

The reclassification change of this membrane - long known as a series of fragmented and separate structures - has been updated in the book "Anatomy of Gray", a classic of human anatomy, and published in the British medical journal "The Lancet." 

The requalification is partly due to the work of J. Calvin Coffey, a researcher at the Hospital University of Limerick, Ireland, who has been studying the mesentery for years.

"The anatomical description that was made in the last 100 years of anatomy was incorrect, and this organ is far from being fragmented and complex, it is simply a continuous structure," he said. 

Coffey hopes that reclassification of the mesentery - which up to now has been considered an "intra-abdominal membrane formed by the peritoneum and its folds - may be leading to the treatment of abdominal and digestive diseases, with fewer invasive surgeries and fewer complications in recovery. 

"If we understand the function, we can identify an abnormal functioning, and then we have the disease," Coffey explained.
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