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After All Titanic Didn't Sink Because Of An Iceberg!!

We all know the story and have seen the movie plenty of times but is this true?

According to some recently released data, may have been a fire that sank the world's best known and illustrious ship in 1912. The Titanic may have had a fire days before it set sail. The flames and heat from the fire may have weakened the hull of the ship. 

This, when hitting the iceberg, did not "resist" the shock. The data have now been made public and may change the content of a story for years that has been told and romanticized by the characters in the film "Jack" and "Rose," roles played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in 1997. 

Investigators say the flames have exploded long before the ship leaves port. The data say the fire started in a ship's engine room about ten days before it sailed from Southampton, more specifically from the Belfast shipyard in Ireland.  
The photographs that were recently unveiled and that had never been analyzed were the main subject of analysis of the investigators andThe possibility of a fire was already assumed to be a reality, but a fire about three weeks before the ship started traveling is a new fact that changes the whole course of history made around this ship. 

According to the new investigation, it is still reported that all officers aboard the ship had restricted orders from the company's president who was responsible for the construction of the ship so that the information of the fire would never be disclosed to any passenger. seem to prove the new theory.

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