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Social Media Outrage Over Fisher-Price!

The internet is outraged over this photo that appeared on facebook and instagram about a "Happy Hour Playset" of Fisher-Price, but the product is fake and appeared first on Instagram by Adam Padilla, the owner of a New York branding agency. 

Padilla was inspired by seeing his 2-year-old daughter sitting at his kitchen counter like it was a bar. The photo didn’t take off virally until Amiri King, a YouTube comedian based in Kentucky, posted it on Facebook with Padilla’s watermark cropped out. 

King’s post of Padilla’s image has been shared more than 40,000 times, mostly by people who understand it’s a joke. But some people who believe it is real are accusing Fisher-Price of making an age-inappropriate product. 

According to ABC Action News, at least one disgruntled consumer went to Facebook to gripe at Fisher-Price, saying: “Saw this and had to write. What the heck are you thinking? I hope to heaven that nobody buys this for their children it’s sick.”

Calm down..it's fake!!

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