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Russian's New Reality Show!

The premise of "Game 2: Winter" is shocking to the world due to the rules that the Russian contest imposes on the participants: everything is allowed, less firearms. 

From this point onwards, the organization will exclude any responsibility whatsoever from the 30 participants who will be placed in Siberia for nine months in a climate that can reach 40 degrees. During this time, two thousand autonomous chambers will watch thirty people "mentally healthy" in a wilderness of 900 hectares. According to the publicity for the new program, which will be broadcast 24 hours a day on the Internet, every participant admits that he or she can be mutilated or even killed.

Still, the program reminds that competitors will be on Russian territory, so police can arrest participants if they break the law. "We are in Russia and we obey the laws of the Russian Federation." 

The Russian millionaire Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, creator of the concept, remembers however that he will refuse any claim if someone dies or is violated. According to Pyatkovsky, according to the Siberian Times, there are already 60 candidates and five countries interested in buying the program's broadcast rights, due to start on July 1, 2017. 

All competitors will have survival training, since Are going to be dropped off in inhospitable terrain, where there is the possibility of finding wild animals like bears or wolves.
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