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New Optical Illusion Taking Over The Internet!!

At first glance, this photo shows a group of friends posing on a sofa with drinks. But on closer look, there is something very confusing about it. 

Did you spot it? No? We'll help!! 

The young woman in the middle of the picture appears to have no legs. The snap, thought to have been taken in the US, seemingly shows six friends relaxing on the sofa - but just five pairs of limbs.

Most people believe the photo is a remarkable optical illusion, with the sixth pair of limbs hidden behind other women's legs. 

However, users can't agree where they actually are. The puzzling photo was posted on Reddit by user 'jr0d7771' on Christmas Eve, with the caption: "Find the middle girl's legs. 

It has since been commented on a whopping 400 times, with one person writing: "The second girls legs are behind first girls legs. I think."

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